• How to play skins

  • How do I WIN a trip to Cabo San Lucas

  • When will your Android version be available to download? Answer.. February or March 2020

  • I'm an investor, who do I contact regarding investing in skinzrus. Answer..

  • What added features will be added to the skinzrus app in the near future? Answer.. Face Book and Google login and more that is confidential at this time.

  • Who do I contact for advertising and sponsorship on skinzrus app? Answer...

  • Will you start charging for membership and add bonus features soon? Answer... The app will always be FREE for new members but we will add options for a Silver, Gold and Platinum membership.

  • I get an error message saying " Network Unavailable"

  • How can I find a skins group at a particular golf course

  • Will the company be organizing a skins tournament? Answer... YES we will. Beginning of 2020 we will put on skins tournaments in different parts of the country starting in California, more details will come later this year. 


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