Skinzrus began when two great friends, after a round of golf on a beautiful California day, sat down for lunch. As we looked to the right of us, a few other golfers were putting money on the table from their skins game. Then a light came on… and we had an epiphany. In that moment, we saw the vision for our app and found the perfect name. I went home and immediately reserved the name and started building the website you see today. After a year and a half of progress, road blocks, and disappointment, we never gave up.


Skinzrus App will:

  • Connect with golfers who are looking for a skins game

  • Find a golf buddy if you just moved into a new community

  • Find a partner who matches your skill level, personality and age

  • Users will earn points on skinzrus by posting pictures, video, and making comments. Users then redeem their points for prizes, apparel, golf trips and more- this will boost motivation and keep them coming back!

Skinzrus is NOT a gambling app!





The skins-game format in golf has long been a staple of friendly competitions among amateurs, but it reached national prominence in 1983 when a skins game was televised with four legends competing: Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tom WatsonIt is a known fact that famous athletes like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and other athletes are huge skins players with high stakes not to mention retired seniors, business men and women all over the world.

WHAT IS SKINS?  Skins is a game in golf where players compete for a prize – usually money – on every hole. The prize at stake is called the ‘skin’.

The game tends to be played in either threeballs or fourballs, with monetary values decided before players tee off. Traditionally, the stakes increase on each hole or after a group of holes and that will make your rounds more challenging and fun to play. If a player wins the hole outright then he wins the skin. If no-one wins the hole outright, the value of the skin gets added to the skin for the next hole.All players are able to compete for these held-over skins, irrespective of their score on the previous hole.
If a skin isn’t won on the 18th green, the game goes into sudden death. Here, the game changes. A player still wins the skins if they win outright, but if say Player A and Player B birdie the hole and Player C makes par, Player C is eliminated and Player A and Player B continue until one wins the skin.



And It's


In 2018 the Tiger vs Phil match play event on pay per view was a huge success and they have signed a three year contract for more match play events. Thanks to these two great golfers the skins game is back and is getting stronger.

The Latest Skins Challenge



Once the player downloads the app, a golfer will appear on the on screen. Each quarter we will feature a golfer on skinzrus splash screen that has won our online contest. This will engage and motivate users and promote a word of mouth campaign. A personalized memory is everything!



What Will Your Seed Money Be Used For

1) Marketing and Promotions are going to be the key ingredients in increasing downloads, membership, social media followers, brand recognition. SKINZRUS has signed with Weavr Group, Weavr is led by its President and Founder, Mia Brown, a longtime licensing and promotions executive having worked with most of the world’s blue chip brands.  Visit Mia's website at to learn more.

2) Add features like push notifications, GPS, video, chat, membership monetization and more.

3) Skinzrus will participate  in 3 PGA  tournaments as an Expo hospitality tents where we will have access to over 200,000 - 700,000 spectators with a focus on promoting the Skinzrus app.

4) Have a booth at the PGA Show in Florida

5) Street teams at golf practice ranges in various cities in the USA

5) File a Copyright and Registered Trade Mark

6) Acquire email list from


Marketing & Promotions

SKINZRUS will visit selected golf courses around the country to register golfers on the app in exchange for a free SKINRUS t-shirt.

 SKINZRUS will produce skins Tournaments.  All players must have an account with Skinzrus.

With the help of the Weavr Group, we hope to create a promotional campaign aimed at enticing golf enthusiasts and sports fans alike. These campaigns will garner thousands of audience impressions through local TV/cable channels and will boost awareness for Skinzrus in a much faster pace with minimal cost as opposed to traditional paid advertising. Weavr has a proven track record of over two decades, placing promotional spots on top TV stations (NBC, FOX, ABC) and local cable networks (Time Warner, Charter, and more) with insertion into Golf Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, and more.


Weavr has built a long term strategic alliance with popular consumer brands which will help promote Skinzrus in a massive scale. Skinzrus promotional messaging will drive consumers to the Skinzrus app and website, for an unique enter-to-win opportunity. But not limited to WEAVR'S other clients like Nature Valley Granola Bars, Fritto Lay, Oberto Beef Jerky and more.

EXPO Hospitality tent vendor

Skinzrus will participate in 3 PGA tournaments a year having access to over 200,000 spectators. They will get a user experience and receive a free tee shirt or hat for downloading the app and participating. 


PGA TRADE SHOW in Orlando Florida will be huge benefit to Skinzrus in the way of brand recognition, brand awareness and to establish relationships and partnerships with major sporting good stores and golf brands such as Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra and many more. These relationships will give Skinzrus the opportunity to obtain golf equipment and accessories for our app prizing.


Golf Cart GPS


  • Dynamic, digital advertising on cart-mounted GPS systems

  • 30,000 advertising-ready screens spanning 116 US markets

  • Engages 14,000,000 high-earners, business owners & C-level executives at over 400 high-end golf club locations

  • Ads displayed alongside compelling, real-time content that adds value to the audience’s game

  • Available at marquee golf properties nationwide

  • Up to 54,000,000 impressions every 4 weeks

Television Promotions

Reach / TV stations / Cable Systems

Weavr Group offers TV / Cable promotions within all 210 DMAs, with the core of our relationships within the top 50 DMA's. Whether you're looking to reach a demographic in specific regions/cities, or you're after a audience within top DMAs, Weavr will exicute a campaign that will fit Skinzrus needs.


  • Number of TV/Cable promotions to be reached:   10 Stations/Cable Systems (both "A" and "B" options)

  • Estimated number of promotional spots:                 750 Spots

  • Estimated impressions/households:                      5.2 Million

  • Tentative on-air schedule:                                   Around major PGA tournaments

  • SKINZRUS to provide both 30-second and a 15-second television spot to Weavr.

Media Value Worth $150,000

Skinzrus cost is a fraction of the media value approximately $5,000 - $10,000

Sample Skinzrus Television Spot on the Golf Channel, ESPN, FOX Sports and more

After the run of two to three of the promotions above we project skinzrus downloads to hit the 1M+ mark.



Rewards can effectively boost the motivation of those who have just downloaded the app. It will also motivate them to keep coming back!. What an incentive!


Skinzrus users will have the option to shop with our partners using their rewards.  


Watch a video earn points and discover new products.

Note: Partners have not been established yet. This is just an example.

These features will be included after our first round of funding

Earn Golfer Walking Coins

Skinzrus will add a GPS to the app to track golfers while they are walking the course encouraging a healthy life style. To start coins can be used to purchase merchandise on the app, Skinzrus website or at our retail partners stores. 

Due to Covid -19 we will implement a digital wallet. This will keep golfers safe and give them peace of mind when playing with new friends and exchanging money from a skins game through the app and not exchanging cash hand to hand.  



These features will be included after our first round of funding




These features will be included after our first round of funding


Skinzrus is a freemeium app with user limitations but for our paid members who have a silver, gold or platinum membership, they have the opportunity to win a trip to a famous golf course in the USA and abroad. If a member accumulates a certain amount of points by posting pictures, video and making comments and retention is high they will have a chance to win this unbelievable golf vacation for two. Memberships will be available after first round of funding


Skinzrus will create a variety of apparel which will include golf shirts, golf pants, tee-shirts, golf bags, golf hats and beanies for men and women.  A $300K - $500K added revenue stream through mobile commerce, website store and retail stores.

Advertise On Skinzrus

Reach golfers through SKINZRUS advertising possibilities

Why Advertise to Golfers?

It is well documented that the game of golf attracts a high percentage of affluent and influential people to the sport, and as a result golf is seen by premium brands all over the world as an attractive audience to talk to. Skinzrus will use these advertisements to enhance both the user’s on-course experience and off-course lifestyle; Skinzrus will become an exceptionally powerful medium for brands.

In-App Sponsorship


Video or full screen ad


Banner ads showing all the time is less disturbing to the user. User can continue using the app.


In-App Advertising

Logo Ad


To the Founder & CEO Matt Brown

Q  Why you?

A  Being brought up in Los Angeles as a kid with ADD and Dyslexia. Treated as the kid that couldn't learn and was told I had no promising future. Well I proved them wrong! I'm the first black founder and CEO of a golf App published on ios and Android play store.

Q Do you have a team now?

A  We have a strong team consisting of myself, Founder and CEO Matthew Brown,  Mia Brown in Marketing, Jonathan Cady as the Marketing and Promotions Manager, Lindsey Hunter in Developer, Mike Anderson as our Attorney and Retired Navy Captain David Inlenfeld as a trusted advisor.

Q  What due diligence have you done as the Founder and CEO?

A  I built the website, and had my attorney file LLC as well as filed a duns number. We quickly designed the IO and UX interface and then secured our app developer and funded the IOS MVP version of skinzrus, which was done with my own savings. The Android version was just completed in June 2020.

Q  What do you know about the apparel business?

A  I owned a Skate and Surf shop in Vista California named 3dimensional in 2008. In the shop we sold hard and soft goods in addition we had our own printing equipment producing our own apparel line. We also was the lead sponsor of the T&C Surf grom contest in Hawaii for 8 years. It was a great partnership and I learned a lot from the founder and owner of T&C Surf Craig Sugihara who has 9 stores in Hawaii.

Q  Is this app like Tender

A  Certainly not. We are not a dating golf app. But if two golfers find a lot in common, become great friends and get married that's a good thing! and trust me I'm not mad at Tender they got bought for $500 million.


Q What is going to be the biggest challenge of making the app successful?

A Gaining a critical mass of users is the paramount challenge for startups, us included. Gaining users is doubly problematic when you’re launching a platform that relies on user-generated content. Dummy accounts have been used in the dating app industry and although it’s the easiest way to populate the community to start, we will not use this strategy since it risks your credibility as a company. Users will rightly be unhappy to discover that a new cool golf app is actually peopled by bots or dummy accounts. The beautiful thing about our challenge is our users are at over 15,000 golf courses in just the USA and we know what they snack on and drink while playing, what programs they watch on TV. ie.. Golf Channel, Espn, Fox Sports and more.

Our strategy in gaining users will be:

  • Social media.

  • Host skinzrus tournaments in a variety of city's and community's. Players must have the app to play!

  • TV network advertising that will get over 5 million impressions.

  • Signing up people at golf course practice ranges.

  • Being a vendor at PGA golf tournaments signing people up and giving away swag.

  • On-pack promotions with brands such as Miller Genuine Draft, Doritos, Langers Juice and more.

  • Golf Instagram influencers with 100K + followers.

  • Purchase a direct mail database of golfers in certain cities and communities.

  • Acquiring high profile athletes that play golf to support the app with over 1 million followers like, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Steph Curry, CP3 Chris Paul and more


The Team
Mia Brown
VP. Marketing & Partnerships
Lindsey Hunter
Developer in the UK

David Ihlenfeld


United States Navy Captain


Matthew  Brown
Founder / CEO
Jonathan Cady
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Mike Anderson,
Anderson & Associates
Pasadena Ca.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to look over our proposal. Please feel free to email me to setup a zoom meeting. We would be more then happy to talk more in depth about our business model, plan of action and profit making abilities. 

Sincerely, Matthew Brown