Q and A with Founder & CEO Matt Brown

Q  Why you?

A  Being brought up in Los Angeles as a kid with ADD and Dyslexia and told I had no promising future from teachers has made me a stronger person today not afraid of failure and adversity. I love the game of golf thanks to TIGER WOODS. It's my mission to solve the problem of connecting golfers together so that they may enjoy the beautiful game that it is. 

Q Do you have a team now?

A  We have a strong team consisting of myself, Founder and CEO Matthew Brown,  Mia Brown in Marketing, Cris Garcia as the Promotions supervisor, Mike Anderson as our Attorney and Retired Navy Captain David Inlenfeld as a trusted advisor who helped funding the Android MVP version.


Q  What due diligence have you done as the Founder and CEO?

A  I built the website, and my attorney filed LLC. I designed the IO and UX interface and then secured our app developer for the IOS MVP version of Skinzrus, which was done with my own savings. The Android version was completed in June 2020 during Covid19 shutdown.

Q  Is this app like Tender

A  We are not a dating golf app. But if two golfers find a lot in common, become great friends and get married that's a good thing! I will say we are more like the Meetup App. Because of Covid19 people are turning to digital means to connect with others.


Q What is going to be the biggest challenge of making the app successful?

A Gaining a critical mass of users is the paramount challenge for startups, us included. Gaining users is doubly problematic when you’re launching a platform that relies on user-generated content. Dummy accounts have been used in the dating app industry and although it’s the easiest way to populate the community to start, we will not use this strategy since it risks your credibility as a company. Users will rightly be unhappy to discover that a new cool golf app is actually peopled by bots or dummy accounts. The beautiful thing about our challenge is our users are at over 15,000 golf courses in just the USA and we know what they snack on and drink while playing, what programs they watch on TV. ie.. Golf Channel, Espn, Fox Sports and more. Further more companies like Lineate know's "WHAT THE TOP DATING APPS DO TO ACQUIRE USERS FASTER" Skinzrus look forward to working with Lineate or companies like it.


I understand investors do the research on my competitors to see how much funding they have acquired, how many downloads and revenue. I know the data isn't that substantial and I have asked the question my self.. Why? I did my own research on my competitors and I came to the conclusion of four reasons.


1) Not all in

2) No unfair advantage

3) No financial backup

4) Weak Marketing & Promotions

One of the things that keeps me moving forward is this example. "Amazon's rocket ship started with an investment round of $245,573. Bezos then raised $8M from a Venture Capital firm. Remember Amazon was the "first" ecommerce player to launch just for "books". 


The Team
Mia Brown, Weavr Group
VP. Marketing & Partnerships
Matthew  Brown
Founder / CEO

David Ihlenfeld


United States Navy Captain


Mike Anderson,
Anderson & Associates
Pasadena Ca.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to look over our pitch deck. Please feel free to email me to setup a zoom meeting, a tee time to play a round of golf or a brief coffee meeting. I would be more than happy to talk more in depth about our business model, plan of action and profit making abilities. 

Sincerely, Matthew Brown

contact: skinzrus.mbrown@gmail.com

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Cris Garcia
Promotions Superviser